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Business Delegation to India

January 10-14, 2017, Danish companies are invited to join a business delegation headed by a Danish minister

On the occasion of Vibrant Gujarat 2017, the organizing team is pleased to invite Danish companies to join the business delegation headed by a Danish minister.

Why India?
With growth unmatched among the G20 and a number of government programmes to spur investment, now is the best time to be present in India. As the country tries to make the most of its growth and develop its infrastructure and sectors for the future, the opportunities for exports and foreign direct investment only increase.

Sector Focus
All Danish companies are welcome to participate and join relevant activities. Vibrant Gujarat offers an extensive program that covers almost every sector. On top of that, the Danish delegation will have special focus on the three following sectors.

Agro business, dairy equipment, food processing etc.

India will experience rapid population growth in the coming years, while at the same time the Indian agricultural sector will face negative consequences of global climate change. Therefore, there has come greater focus on agriculture, and India’s need to create efficiency and growth in this sector. In Gujarat, the agricultural sector already grows with 9% annually, on average, which is three times the current national growth rate of the sector. Combined with this strong growth, the increasing need for innovation and effective solutions in this sector will provide rich opportunities for Danish businesses and Danish technology.

Shipbuilding, port development, maritime transport and container handling.

Water, energy, infrastructure, transport and IT-based solutions etc.

For more information please see the invitation, programme and

Please complete the online registration form no later than 9 December 2016.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:
Peter Michael Heller, Senior Advisor,, tel. +45 3339 4335 / mobile +45 2180 0731

Peter Michael Heller