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Seminar: Sous vide MEAT: Culinary meat through value-adding technology

Muscle Based Food Network Seminar 26 April 2017 at Danish Agriculture & Food Council

The latest trend in slow cooking, sous vide cooking, is the ultimate strategy for industries, catering, restaurants and foodies in their search for the perfectly cooked meat. From large volumes to domestic size, there is a sous vide solution for attaining excellence.

Sous vide cooking of muscle foods is all about control: through the precise setting of process temperature and time, products fulfilling safety standards and with the desired juiciness, appearance and tenderness can be attained. A thorough knowledge of the chemical, biochemical and microbiological changes taking place during sous vide cooking of meat is of paramount importance for the optimization of the process for each meat in every specific situation.

At this Muscle Based Food Network Seminar, new knowledge about food safety, technology and final product quality in relation to sous vide cooking will be shared. Furthermore, the seminar will provide networking activities, sessions for tasting and demonstration of products and technology.

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Date & time
26 April 2017 at 09.30 - 16.00

Danish Agriculture & Food Council
Axelborg, Axeltorv 3
1609 Copenhagen V

Registration fee 450 DKK.
Register at Jeppe Hagedorn at no later than 15 April.

Further information
Contact Fie Vesterled at or +45 3339 4095

Fie Vesterled Riis