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Meet Brazil’s cooperatives

Based on high potential within Brazil’s cooperatives, EKF is working on establishing shopping lines to selected cooperatives - Project based delegations to Brazil. Delegation 1: week 23, Delegation 2: week 25 and Delegation 3: week 35

A new initiative builds bridges between Danish exporters within agriculture and food processing equipment and some of Brazil’s largest cooperatives. Join and meet with Brazilian cooperatives that each year invests millions into new products and solutions.

Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency and the Danish General Consulate in São Paulo invite you to join this initiative, consisting of an export catalogue, a financing seminar and a delegation visit to Brazil.

The objective of the initiative is to match you with relevant Brazilian Cooperatives such as LAR, C. Vale, Coamo and Frimesa that invest into both agriculture, food production, ingredients, and food. EKF is working on establishing credit lines to the targeted Brazilian Cooperatives that can be utilized when buying technology and equipment from you.

Project based delegations to Brazil: Delegation 1: week 23, Delegation 2: week 25 and Delegation 3: week 35

Joining a project based delegation to Brazil will give you targeted B2B meetings with 4-5 cooperatives already visited and screened by EKF and the Danish General Consulate in São Paulo. By joining you will get:

  1. A profile in the export catalogue presented to the cooperatives
  2. Access to the financing seminar, where the commercial opportunity and financial focus will be presented and discussed
  3. Based on the cooperatives screening of the export catalogue, you will be invited to join a project delegation.

Meanwhile, EKF will be working on offering credit lines to the cooperativestogether with international banks in Brazil.

Any company supplying the agriculture and food processing sector. The cooperatives invest in solu-tions and new technology.

Read more in invitation with Draft Program, Market Information, Practical Informationsand link to registration

Susanne Zwergius Teilmann